River Glen & Abbie Sawyer at Susan's in Markdale, ON

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Susan's Delicatessen, 15 Main St W, Markdale, ON

FRIDAY, APRIL 19TH @ Susan's Delicatessen in Markdale, ON Doors: 6:30pm Music: 7:00pm-8:30pm Tickets: $20 (kids 12 & under FREE) Purchase tickets at the door or online at: https://annesley.events/events/river_glen_oct_23-278/

FROM IOWA TO ONTARIO 2024... Folk music has historically been a response to the times, to the world around us. “Folk” as a genre serves as an ongoing artistic reflection of society and the lives of common everyday folks, to provide an opportunity to orient how our individual and often deeply personal life experiences fit into the larger picture of our communal experience. A musical tradition that Iowa songwriters Abbie Sawyer and River Glen are honored to carry forward in their “From Iowa to Ontario” Tour 2024.

LIGHTING UP PEOPLE’S HEARTS… Abbie Sawyer captivates live audiences with her warmth, humor, stirring lyrics and soulful voice. As a singer-songwriter, Abbie shares her deeply-felt music from the heart to the heart. Expect to go on a journey with each song as she shares stories and anecdotes along the way. Her debut solo album, “Love Is a Flood” (2022), illuminates her experiences of motherhood and the pandemic, including postpartum anxiety and depression, joy and healing. This album and Abbie’s experience was featured on Iowa Public Radio and National Public Radio. As a life-long performer and musician, Abbie has curated a deeply-felt, intimate style using her acoustic guitar and voice, bringing warmth and wonder to her performances. “I want to feel life through my heart, and I want to help light up other people’s hearts." — (Iowa Public Radio, “For Abbie Sawyer, Life is Therapy”)

NOURISHING PEOPLE’S CURIOSITY… River Glen was born at home in Dubuque, Iowa, homeschooled by his mom, and raised in a family band. His original music playfully blends elements of folk, pop, and rock. His songwriting strikes a delicate balance of pop-appeal and lyrical substance; from wonderings about love, family, and belonging, to the celebration of death and loss as a natural part of life. River critiques modern pop-culture through the lens of familiar, traditional folk themes, always with tasty grooves and clever rhymes. In 2017, River was named Fellow by the Iowa Arts Council for his original music. While serving in this honorary position, River began work on “As Above, So Below”, an album of original music featuring over one hundred and fifty singers/musicians, almost entirely from his home state of Iowa. “As Above, So Below” was released on May 1st, 2023. More information about “As Above, So Below” as well as more of River’s original music, videos, etc…can be found at www.riverglenmusic.com “These combined life experiences have fed into River Glen & Band’s ambitious new album, As Above, So Below, which incorporates a kaleidoscopic array of musicians who call Iowa home. As longtime Iowa Public Radio DJ Bob Dorr observes in the introductory track, this record is a “patchwork quilt woven lovingly with voices and instruments of over 150 people.” Yes, you read that right: more than 150 musicians!” —- (KEMBREW MCLEOD OF LITTLE VILLAGE WRITING ABOUT RIVER’S ALBUM "AS ABOVE, SO BELOW" 2023)