River Glen & Band


L to R: 

Justin Leduc (drums)

Dan Padley (electric guitar)

River Glen Breitbach (vocals/acoustic guitar/violin)

Blake Shaw (vocals/upright bass)

Megan Elizabeth (vocals)

River's Story

River Glen was born at home alongside the Mississippi River in the Driftless Area of Dubuque, Iowa. He was homeschooled, primarily on music, beginning the Suzuki method on violin before he was three years old. River’s childhood was filled with adventures traveling the U.S. with his parents and siblings in their kinda-sorta folksy bluegrass band, The One Hat Band. From busking on street corners to playing the main stage at summer festivals, River earned his chops before losing all of his baby teeth. 

River’s songwriting strikes a delicate balance of pop-appeal and lyrical substance. From wonderings about love, family, and belonging, to the celebration of death and loss as a natural part of life, River critiques modern pop-culture through the lens of familiar, traditional folk themes. Always with tasty grooves and clever rhymes. River holds audiences with a comfortable confidence as he shares his original music; playfully blending elements of folk, pop, and rock. Every performance is an opportunity to showcase his proficiency in guitar, violin, and mandolin, alongside powerhouse vocals. 

In 2017, River was named Fellow by the Iowa Arts Council for his original music. While serving in this honorary position, River began work on “As Above, So Below”, an album of original music featuring over one hundred and fifty singers/musicians, almost entirely from his home state of Iowa. “As Above, So Below” was released on May 1st, 2023. More information about “As Above, So Below” as well as more of River’s original music, videos, etc…can be found at www.RiverGlenMusic.com.