Hello everyone! River here. This past year I received the honor of being named a 2017-2018 Iowa Arts Council Fellow. In this role I am advocating for creating music that is communal and truly Iowa-grown. I am working to create an album of music that will feature over 50 Iowa artists from across the state. In a sense, it will serve as a sonic snapshot of the multitude of voices and musical traditions that exist across Iowa. I believe that art is community and I want to showcase many of the current and former Iowa-based artists who I've learned from and grown alongside during these past 25 years. 

In order to book recording time for these artists, and to pay them for their time and talent, I ask each of you to contribute to raise $7,000. Crowdfunding efforts such as this have become an essential part of funding projects in the art world, so I'm calling on you to share this campaign and contribute what you're able. For many, this means pitching in $20 to purchase yourself a copy of this album in advance. For those of you who can play an even bigger role, please contribute more. I've made it worth your while as you'll see on my Kickstarter page


Love to you all.