River Glen (full band) w/ The Host Country and Abbie & The Sawyers

Des Moines Social Club, 900 Mulberry Street, Des Moines, IA 50309

--River Glen-- River's songwriting and performances blend pop appeal and clever lyrics into Folk, Pop, Rock, and Organic Hip-Hop. River, a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter, makes lyrically driven music that blends elements of Folk, Pop, Rock, and Hip-Hop. River's performances are extremely honest, heartfelt, humble, and inclusive. His talent and professionalism are serious, yet River is playful to the point that not even he knows where the music will go in any given show.

--The Host Country-- The Host Country’s genre experimentation puts them in a category of their own. Their music is a fusion of folk, rock, and blues; a mix of raw and vulnerable, all combined with hauntingly passionate chord shifts. Dual writing credits between Ty Wistrand & Diana Weishaar put forth versatile songs that are evocative and intimate. Ty (guitar/vox), Diana (keys/vox), Tom Rue (bass), Ethan Weishaar (drums), and newly added member Michael Lovan (guitar) are musical storytellers and engaging performers on stage.

--Abbie & The Sawyers-- Original Americana folk with a side of mm-hmmm. Abbie & The Sawyers’ original Americana folk serves up earthy soundscapes, soulful hooks, and lilting harmonies rooted in the Iowa prairie. As described by dsm Magazine, their “unique blend of backwoods Appalachia and Midwest charm creates a sound that is stunningly intimate.” Based in Des Moines, Abbie & The Sawyers has played Des Moines Arts’ Festival, Camp Euforia, Ankeny Unplugged, and many other venues across Central Iowa. Band members are Abbie Sawyer (vocals/guitar), Alex Clemons (double bass), Lorin Ditzler (vocals, banjo), and Chris LoRang (vocals, guitar).